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Always clean and beautiful – than can be your home

When to hire professional cleaners for the next detailed cleaning of our home? Is it a good idea to this at the end of the winter, or actually there is …


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The Fastest Amphibious Vehicle In The World

Besides for flying cars, vehicles that can travel on land and sea have been a long time dream for drivers. There have been a couple homemade amphibious vehicles in the past, …

Shelby Unveils New Concept Car, SSC Ultimate Aero II

Ukraine sliding into Civil War! (Shocking video!)


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Robinson Crusoe

David Gledshin is a real life Robinson Crusoe. This man has been living alone on a small island for 20 years. Once this man was a millionaire, but in 1987 …

Flutter App Translates Your Gestures Via Your Cam (video)

Online sales go through the roof


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Corpse rises from the coffin at own funeral!

Funny and Creepy Bathroom Toilet graffiti Photos

Penguin Fun in Antarctica (Video)

Zombie Parade , Scary or Funny?