Robinson Crusoe

David Gledshin is a real life Robinson Crusoe. This man has been living alone on a small island for 20 years. Once this man was a millionaire, but in 1987 he suffered a major setback: during the collapse of the stock market, when he lost £ 6,5 millions. With the money left, in 1993 he rented this small island, near Australia, and has been living here alone ever since, with the exception of company of his faithful friend, his dog Quasi.

Former millionaire is satisfied with his life, he calls himself “the luckiest guy in the world.” Catching crabs, fishing, picking coconuts, growing vegetables, and a laptop to the Internet – is his everyday routine. Electricity is generated by solar panels. He even brews his own beer! He continued with trading stocks on the market.

– This is a fabulous place. – David says. – I am happy to be here. Even though everything sounds so nice, still man gets a little bit lonely there. David is looking for a woman who would be willing to come there and live with him.

True, there is one problem in paradise. The thing is that the island is leased. And, under the terms of the lease, David had to build a resort. The resort is not built, and therefore violated the conditions of the lease. Queensland Supreme Court ruled to evict “Robinson.” David Gleshin will appeal the decision.