Flutter App Translates Your Gestures Via Your Cam (video)

Everybody waiting for Kinect integrated laptops can now enjoy a limited little fun on their laptops via this Flutter app which makes your webcam your little Kinect sensor.

Though this Flutter app is just a app which is not like Kinect as it lacks infared sensors and all gesture capturing abilities, but it can give you a little glimpse of what Kincet possesses. With this app you can actually play/pause your media. Now it works in a very decent fashion as the camera of your computer recognize your palm. On the movements of your palm, you can play or pause your media.This app is still in Alpha phase but it is available to download here. The app is right now functional for Apple Macs but the developers are thinking of releasing this app on different platforms and even diversifying the app (like make it workable for YouTube and Netflix).

Check out the video so watch this app in action.