Manchester – A holiday next door

This year’s main holiday season seems to be in its last lap and many have already gone back to work weeks ago. Some have even succumbed to the usual work stress by now and are therefore in desperate need for a holiday again. But a small time-out does not necessarily demand a trip to distant regions. The city of Manchester offers a lot of attractions and many possibilities to relax after a busy week at work. Manchester ranks among the ten biggest cities in the UK and has a long and interesting history. Being the world’s first industrialised city, it has developed a lot since the 19th century and nowadays combines modern architecture with historical buildings. The MOSI, Museum of Science and Industry, highlights the city’s achievements in technology and is a must-see for science lovers.
Those who prefer action to cultural visits can take a course at the Manchester climbing centre. The centre offers courses for all age groups and is therefore a good choice for a holiday with kids. Sports fanatics shouldn’t miss out on a match of one of the two famous football teams Manchester United and Manchester City.

Relaxing in Manchester

Just as every other big city, Manchester offers a lot of ways to relax like massages and all sorts of spa treatments. Body treatments for him and her have become a routine for many Mancunians. There is a whole range of different applications that are supposed to revive body and soul.
The best way to let a beautiful and relaxing day in Manchester come to an end is to have a nice glass of wine in one of the city’s various bars. A very special place is the Cloud 23 Bar on the 23rd floor of Beetham Tower. Watching the sunset gives new spirit for the upcoming week at work and surely makes for a nice memory.