Zombie Parade , Scary or Funny?

What would you think of if you saw a horde of zombie marching your way. I know I wouldn’t feel comfortable, bearing in mind the amount of zombie movies I have seen.

Nevertheless, this kind of costuming as zombies and organizing mass zombie walk events is quite popular thought the whole world. You can surely tell that people participating in zombie walks have lots of fun. The only thing they lack is parade balloons, that they had eaten

If you are thinking about organizing a zombie walk yourself or participating in one, to keep you informed here are some important (funny) rules:

Zombie Rules of Conduct

1. Use the “haunted house” rule in that you are not to touch anyone.

2. Do not attempt to scare anyone who is not a willing participant. If anyone is freaking out, turn and shamble in the opposite direction. Avoid confrontations!

3. Stay on the sidewalk unless crossing the street. When crossing, it’s OK to “break character” and cross quickly. Think fast “New Dawn of the Dead” zombies verses the slower “Old Dawn of the Dead” zombies when crossing the street. Blocking traffic is a crime and anyone doing so could be arrested.

4. No drugs. None. Forget it.

5. No alcohol outside the bars. This will get you a nice fine.

6. No littering, destruction of property, or any other illegal activity. Pretend the South Side is your own neighborhood and show the utmost respect. This is something we would like to do many times a year and we don’t want to ruin it. Remember, the media will be watching us (along with the Pittsburgh Police) and this event could get world wide news coverage. Let’s put on a good show.

Keep in mind you might be asked for a picture ID at the bars and your zombie face might not match your picture ID. If you are refused entry, please understand the doorman is only doing his job.

Please do not attempt to push your way into any business if you are not welcome.