100 years of fashion in 100 seconds

Watching this video and seeing the fashion in the 70ies and 80ies really makes me scratch my head. What were people thinking? The whole punk look. Puke! Well, of course unless you ARE a punk! I wish people would still dress like in the the 1920ies. Just looked classy and cool! And why are not more people wearing hats. No, I don’t mean baseball hats. We need more style! And I would be more stylish if I could afford it!

“This film(published on Guardian/Fashion ) is a 100 year countdown to the grand opening ofWestfield Stratford City on September 13th 2011, and celebrates a century of East London fashion, dance and music.

Directed by Jake Lunt with The Viral Factory, the film was shot over 4 days in east London locations with hundreds of costume changes. The music was commissioned from Oscar nominated genius Tristin Norwell who took a simple tune and interpreted it for each decade over 100 years.”