Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Limassol, Cyprus

Limassol has very many wonderful attractions worthy visiting. Some of the attractions to find here include Fasouri Watermania, Limassol Sculpture, Grand Mosque and Kourion Theatre among others. If you want to enjoy a vacation, this is your right place. You will love going back to Limassol again and again. Accommodation is available and you can book a room in a Limassol hotel that offers you the services you need. Limassol offers very many attractions to its visitors. Here are some of the top and highly ranked attractions you should never miss seeing.

Fasouri Watermania

This is the largest waterpark in Limassol that you will enjoy seeing. Limassol offers many waterpark usually for holiday tourists but Fasouri Watermania stands to be the largest and famous waterpark in Cyprus. It is located between Paphos and Limassol in Fasouri. The waterpark is famous for its nice tropical feel. It attracts visitors from every corner of the world. If you are planning to take your family for a holiday, think of Fasouri Watermania and your family will have a great holiday. You will find some of the best hotels in Limassol near the attraction. Fasouri Watermania is approximately 25 acres with 30 slides, large playground, beaches, sun beds and umbrellas, football pitch table games and souvenir shop that are actually free of charge. There are two big restaurants to dine. You will enjoy game shows, impressive services and entertainment.


This is one of the best fascinating archeological sites you can find in Cyprus. This ancient city actually dates back to 12th Century and at one time it was the most famous marvelous cities in the whole of the Mediterranean. Kourion is actually characterized by very many ruined houses dating back to Roman period. Some of the houses to find here include House of Eustolios, House of Achilles and House of Gladiators. The floors in these houses are actually paved with mosaics. One of the popular structures to find here is actually the Nymphaenum built in the 2nd Century. It is actually a sacred place. You will really enjoy seeing salient features of stadium stands.

Kourion Theatre

People who like learning cultural aspects of various communities should never miss this place. You will learn all cultural aspects of the Limassol here. The theatre has the best architectural style that influences Hellenistic Architecture. It has spectacular coastal views. You will find most of the theatre’s original splendor. You will enjoy numerous music concerts as well as theatrical performance any time you visit the place. Some of the best hotels in Limassol are located near the place and you can book a room for a night.

Lemesos Medieval Castle

Lemesos is known for the Crusades in medieval times. The interesting history of Cyprus reveals that the castle was actually built ruins of a Byzantine castle. It was actually in this particular castle that the famous royal wedding of Richard the Lionheart, the then King of England took place. Although the structure of this fort has today lost its grandeur, its majestic ambience will definitely etch itself into the visitor’s mind.

Lemesos Medieval Museum

The special history of the Medieval Museum makes it a unique museum among other museums found in Cyprus. This is the place you will find people from different parts of the world. It is rich in antiquities that covers 400-1870 period. Some of the artifacts displayed include cannons, vaults, wood carving, paintings, tombstones and Ottoman pottery among others. This is a place worth a visit.