The World’s Most Disgusting Delicacies

We all love to see something weird, odd, and of course the bizarre sometimes. I think that everyone loves top ten lists, so here you have it lists of the wild, weird, and even sometimes the gross. As I was preparing to write this article today, I got a bit hungry and thought why not see what others eat. I typed in Weird Food and here is just a sampling of some of the foods that came up. These are the top ten on the grossness meter for us…

Words cannot express my horror on this one…


No words to describe this horror ;(

Lizard Cocktails

Lizard Cocktail with a REAL lizard!

Lizard on a Stick or is that a Fiery Salamander?

Either way he is now a crispy critter for life or well death.

What do they call this tasty treat?!? Brains and Wienies?

Notice that brains and wienies aren’t enough they had to heap on chili and a sauce… is that to cover up the disgusting taste and smell?

Everyone loves Tuna, but the eyeball?

I bet he sees you coming…

Bread in a Can??

Maybe not gross, but definitely on the weird scale!

Balot – Duck Egg

Tasty goodness or OMG! You make the choice!

Made you LOOK!

Some say veggies, some say bread, we say OMG no!

Slithering up to your dinner plate

Well that is top ten on weird and gross food. I left out insects as everyone knows that bugs are gross, and honestly I think that these foods are seriously far more disgusting than a bug dinner.