Really Expensive Food

Rated as the most delicious and expensive truffles in the world of chocolate products ”Chocopologie byKnipschildt” costs no more and no less than 2600 euros per 370 grams and can be purchased only on demand. Handmade by a secret recipe, delicacies include, among others, black truffle 70% cocoa.
Chocopologie truffles

 Kopi Luwak Coffee

Over $ 1,000 per hundred grams. Kopi Luwak coffee price is determined not only taste greatbut found it and its rarity. Kopi Luwak coffee is a species that grows in a very limited area, excluding the island of Sumatra (Indonesia), which is why annual harvest is only 15 kg of coffee. And those interested, it seems, are many.

Tieguanyin tea

The most expensive tea in the world comes to show that China not only produce objects of high and low price range but also rare and expensive teas. One cup of this tea – made ​​from dried leaves 2-3 – costs $ 15 and come up with the kilogram price of $ 3000.

Diamond tea bag

If your Chinese tea seems to be expensive, certainly that a diamond tea bag seems to be exaggerated.And even this effect followed the extravagant to the company that produced PG to celebrate the 75th year of its existence. Hand-decorated with 280 diamonds to remind them how much I love English tea,envelope costs 7,500 pounds. I think they could remember that the English like tea in a discreet manner.

The most expensive champagne

If you drink a glass of this champagne, you may need to drink  another one just to celebrate the fact that you had a glass of  the world’s most expensive champagne. The most expensive champagne Perrier Jouet called Belle Epoque Blanc de Blanc and not age is what makes it so prized – as is the wine collection – but that is produced from grapes carefully selected and hand painted bottles sold . Such a bottle costs 1,500 dollars.

A truly rare whiskey

Perhaps if some dinosaurs had survived several of them would have been cheaper than the whiskey from “fine and rare” category that Macallan Fine called Rare Vintage. I do not know how is refined and distilled, 30 years old,but it is certainly rare. Last year, there were worldwide only 85 bottles.  You can not drink  $ 38,000/bottle  whiskey without having an headache the next day.


Wray & Nephew White Overproof is certainly the world’s most expensive rum. Rarely,and certainly good, the rum distilled in 1940 is the most precious drink in its category. A single bottle of – no one knows how many of them are left – Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum costs 53,000 dollars.

Diamonds in the cup.

If you are interested you can find such a cocktail at the Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo. For $ 11,000 you don’t have to go to the bar,you can request room service.


Vielle Bon Secours, the world’s most expensive beer. Hard to go out with boys for a beer when one glass of Bierdorme sold exclusively in London, costs $ 1,000. And there are no discounts for happy hours!