Latvian Museum of Photography

The museum is small, Two small rooms connected by a small corridor. In general, the museum is more like a photostudio.

In one of the rooms there are two old camera.

This is a trendy device. Nozzle-spoon on a pencil. Because when the reagents were mixed from the components, be sure to do some recording, tagging changes. There were those who sold in packs as UPI, just add water, well, this is for home use.

Amateur photographic enlargers. While I have always had the opportunity to work in the darkroom on a normal unit, so I’m at home so rarely used.

In one of the rooms there are two old camera.

If you think that your camera handles all of these functions performs electronics, you’re wrong. In these functions, your camera does not. By the way this camera can take pictures at times better than many of today’s digital cameras.

Along with these studio cameras are compact cameras in those years.

Plates, negative.

And the card is made from it.

Another negative.

Old Home album. For a home for the family.

In general, earlier, at the dawn of photography, the main commercial application of it is a private survey. Not all could afford to make a photograph as a keepsake.

Do you think 3D glasses have only recently come from?

And here is the 3D camera of the same age.

Newer compact cameras.

Salute. Well, this is a tangible past. This apparatus is used in my memory.

Meter. My meter was glad to meet with the great-grandfather, they have one surname.

It’s like we now have a camera with kropnutymi matrices. So in the past. Generally, what we now call the full matrix has always been a narrow compact film. But this film is probably used in the chambers with the prefix micro.

Lenses. No electronics.

Photographic plates in stock.