Quick Crew – Asian Concept 2013

Quick is Norwegian dance crew based in Oslo. Quick was formed in 2006 by twin brothers Suleman and Bilal Malik and their childhood friend Nasir Sirikhan. A year later also b-boy Kim Daniel Eriksen joined the crew. They started dancing in 2004 and have in few years managed to become one of the most successful dance crews in Europe.

They have several National, European and World Championship titles, and were also the winners of the popular TV show Norway’s Got Talent in 2009. In 2010 the twins won their second gold medal at the Hip Hop World Championships as duo, while Nasir won a impressive silver medal in the solo category. Quick is constant on tour with their impressive dance shows and Hip Hop workshops around the country and now also abroad. Quick opened their own dance studio called QuickStyle Studio in 2010, and are also one of the few non-singing artists to sign a contract with a major company like Sony Music.