Quebec Ice Hotel “Hôtel de Glace” Unique Winter Destination – Oddy Central | Weird And Socking News

One of only two ice hotels in the world, from January to early April the Ice Hotel is a must-see. $15 will get you full tour during the day, after 8PM access to the guest rooms is restricted to guests only. Each room is themed and decorated with exquisite ice sculptures. Rooms start at $299/night. Includes an ice bar where you can get a drink served in an ice glass. For the romantics, there is a wedding chapel complete with snow pews.

It seems that spend the night would not be very comfortable, but it is not. On ice beds are warm mattresses and reindeer skins and sleeping guests in sleeping bags designed for polar explorers. Foot wall of ice is a natural insulator, in addition, guests can enjoy at bedtime spa and sauna.Among the attractions for guests of the courses mushers, after which you can go into a separate trip to the dog sled, and a great ice-slide for the kids. The cost of living at about $ 200 per person.

The first time the hotel opened its doors in 2001 next to the waterfall near the Montmorency Kvebeka.S last winter, an exotic sight became much closer to the tourists, after moving to a new residence, located near the center of Quebec, in place of the old zoo. Over the years the hotel has visited more than half a million tourists.