Coat Captures Rain, Turns It Into Drinking Water – Oddy Central | Weird And Socking News

The Raincatch coat captures and purifies rainwater. Photo CIID

The Raincatch coat is pretty much perfect for the thirsty Briton. The jacket, from the Copenhagen Institute if Interaction Design, catches falling rain and then purifies it, ready for the wearer to drink.

Rain is collected in the collar, from where it runs through a network of tubes to be filtered by charcoal and chemically purified. The resulting clean drinking water is stored on the hips and can be sucked out through another tube.

The project is more symbolic than practical, I guess. There are certainly easier-to-carry ways to purify water, and it seems unlikely that you’d be getting dangerously dehydrated in a country wet enough to need a raincoat. For cyclists, though, it could be near ideal, combining a rain cape with a water filter.

Raincatch [CIID via the Giz]