Dear gentlemen, take a look at these wives and you’ll realize that…

Angry with your wife when she doesn’t make you a breakfast? Or when she doesn’t want to iron your shirt? Dear gentlemen, take a look at these wives and you’ll realize that you have the best wife in the world.

1. Stacey Castor

Killed two of her husbands and blamed her own daughter for it! In the year 2005, Stacey Castor was poisoning her husband for 4 days with antifreeze and than staged all to look like suicide. Investigators, preforming the autopsy, found that the body of her husband contains a large amount of ethylene glycol, so they started to suspect Stacey. Soon after, the investigators excavated Stacey’s former husband who died in the 2000 of a heart attack. Chemical analysis of his body showed that it also contained a large amount of ethylene glycol. All this made her more suspect, but she didn’t give up, she blamed her own daughter Ashley for everything. Ashley was a teenager, and had only eleven years when the first husband died. After that, Ashley took a great quantity of anti-depressants and vodka, which led her to hospitalization. After that, in the severely depressed state, Ashley wrote a letter in which she admitted that she committed the murder of her father and stepfather. Luckily, the daughter stayed alive and after some time, when her medical condition improved, she testified against her mother. Stacey Castor was sentenced to 25 years of prison for killing her husband David Castor and attempt of murder of her daughter, in 2009.

2. Katherine Knight

-A woman from Australia who who killed her husband in a very cruel way, and then served him to their children for dinner. This lady literally massacred her husband. And after that she chopped off his head and put it in a pot in the stove and started cooking it together with vegetables. For the main course she used the clean flesh from his buttocks, that she made with delicious sauce. All this she served to her own children to eat! Horror!

3. Dawnell Batista

Cheated on her husband after he donated her his own kidney! Dr. Richard Batista married Dawnell Batista in 1990. After physical problems related to the kidneys, Dr. Batista decided to donate his kidney to his own wife. Transplantation was successfully performed and the doctor was able to recover completely. After that, everything went wrong. The woman started cheating him with her own physical therapist, what finally resulted in divorce after only 4 years of marriage. To make things worse, she legally prohibited her husband to see his children! Emotionally broken, the doctor finally asked his ex-wife $1.5 million for the donated kidney, just because of her behavior. Really, imagine that!

4. Betty Neumars

This Seventy-six-year-old granny is accused of killing 4 out of her 5 husbands! This ‘lovely’ grandma hired a hit man to kill her fourth husband Harold. The husband before she poisoned. This granny is currently in North Carolina’s prison and awaits her sentence. Many hope that she’ll get a hundred years of prison for each husband.

5. Vicky Lowing

Left her husband for five crocodiles! This woman from Australia left her husband, no more no less, because of the crocodiles! In the 1996 some left young reptiles in front of her door, she took pity on them and kept them in her house. Love for those reptiles grew over the time and they became inseparable. Her husband after a while began to complain because his wife was constantly spending time with pets. After some more time her husband set her an ultimatum – or the crocodiles go or he goes! Unfortunately, this woman decided on reptiles over her own husband, and as an explanation she said ‘her husband can take care of himself, by himself, and the crocodiles can’t’!!!

6. Katya Kharitovonova

A woman who bit off her husband’s penis! She caught her husband cheating on her with her best friend. Enraged by what she saw, she seized for the lamp and smashed it against friend’s head. After that she was so out of herself that she literally bit off her husband’s penis! Truth to be told, some men really deserve it, though it is exaggerated. After a few moments she realized what she did and called an ambulance and the police. Luckily, her husband had his penis sewed and I guess it could ‘work’ properly. Katya was sentenced to two years in prison.