World Most Expensive One Bedroom Apartment

World Most expensive one bedroom Apartment called as “The House”, it’s located at the Minami-Azabu district of Tokyo. The total area of this apartment is 4434 square feet (411.932 square meters) and the price of per square feet is 4920.75 $. So, lets find out what is a unique about this over the controversial house?

The furniture in the house is designed by Cecotti Collezioni.

The walls, doors and flooring of the house are all imported from Italy.

The apartment has Japanese style Ryotei dinning room.

Terrace are decorated in parisian style, where you can have view of Arisugawa park.

The walls of an apartment is originally decorated by the famous Japanese artist Hiroshi Senju.

The entrance hallway of the apartment has a sliding wall cabinet for the shoes with a total capacity of 200 pairs.

Outside the apartment there is huge garden.

In this apartment there are one bathroom and two washrooms.

The apartment kitchen dishes are made by La Cornue.

The apartment look very beautiful and elegant. Many people think that it is too pricely to pay 21.8 million $ for one bedroom apartment.