Which 2013 tablet is the best for gaming?

If there is one thing that is uniting gamers all around the world is currently it is the idea of the new consoles just about to be released, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One will show just how good a new generation of games can really be. These consoles offer more power than ever before but these consoles also extremely expensive and so many people will not be able to afford them for a long time so they will have to enjoy the games put out for the current consoles instead. Many people have also started to purchase tablets, this is because these tablets normally let you access the internet and your emails, and there are great games that are being developed every day for the tablets themselves. There are many great action, puzzle and even casino games be made for tablets and most these can be downloaded instantly. If you have a tablet whether it be an Ipad, a Samsung or any other and you fancy putting yours to the text by playing some online games head over to http://www.luckynuggetcasino.com/online-slots and play the games of your choice.
The problem is there are so many different tablets on the market as since so many people are buying them it has become saturated place for electronics. There are a number of different tablets that are great however you might want to look into one of the latest ones made by Apple. The iPad Air has just been released and has some impressive specifications including its fantastic screen which as always has an amazing pixels per inch number. But this is also being run by a dual core processor and gigabyte of RAM, making sure that the tablet can run any game you throw at it.

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Which 2013 tablet is the best for gaming?
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