Trees – Masters of this world

Here’s a collection of pictures of trees slowly showing humanity who’s really the master of this this world. Man-eating trees are the stuff of legends. Legendary carnivorous plants large enough to kill and consume an animal or a person don’t exist… or do they? The earliest man-eating tree legend originated as a hoax in 1881 when German explorer Carl Lich wrote about a sacrifice performed by a tribe of Madagascar which gave humans in sacrifice to this eating tree. It was spoken about later on in a book by former Governor of Michigan Chase Osborn called “Madagascar, Land of the Man-eating Tree” in 1924. The only really known carnivorous plant large enough to sometime consume small animals is the “Nepenthes rajah” which produces traps up to 14 inches in height, and thus is able to “eat” small mammals from time to time… but really, is it the only plant able to consume large objects? When time is on its side, some trees will reveal to be quite hungry, as this picture collection proves….