Trading Models (2013) REVIEW

Triple Threat Writer, Actor & Producer Danny Darren announced his new short film Trading Models which he wrote, executive produced and co-starred in.  The film starring Tashi Jackson, Leoni Zeumer & Stuart Keil will be screened at Genesis Cinema in Whitechapel on September 23rd .

The film which was produced by Awat Osman Ali and directed by Reza John has a 15minute run time.


Many people travel for enjoyment; Dastin Kurdish travelled to survive! Escaping the tyranny of Iraq, he settled in London.  By day, Dastin worked in a steel foundry; by night, he can be spotted in his taxi waiting for the nightclubs to close. This way of life was normal for Dastin. The only thing missing was his family.When his sister, Suzan, arrives in London, Dastin feels a joy that he hasn’t felt for a long time. She informs him that she has a modelling job, which she found online.  Rightly sceptical, Dastin is protective of his little sister. Accusing him of being too overbearing, she leaves for her new ‘job’.  Once there, Suzan’s dreams of being a supermodel are quickly dashed as she stumbles into a people trafficking ring, led by a group of Eastern European gangsters. A distressing voicemail from Suzan, leads Dastin on a one-man mission to save his sister, but what he finds is something far worse.


Trading Models has a strong written storyline and the plot allows for enough  time to engage into the story but doesn’t get boring. Good acting however the character of  Suzan could have done with more developing. It’s a very intense thriller which makes you want to glue your eyes to the screen for the entire 15mins.

“15mins of non-stop action, good storyline and amazing acting”

Rating – 4/5

Writer & Executive Producer Danny Darren confirmed in an interview that he wants to ‘concentrate on his acting’, although the Author is still rumoured to have more projects in the pipeline.