Top 5 Highest Paid Actors from Hollywood

Choosing the right roles is essential when you are one of the most famous actors in Hollywood. These actors have to choose not only the perfect role but the perfect directors. That’s why these actors are good at what they do. We present you the highest paid actors of today.

1. Leonardo Di Caprio

This handsome actor is the best paid actor of 2010 and 2011. With the block buster movies like Inception and Shutter Island, this talented actor has ensured his place on the top of the list, earning$77 million.

2. Johnny Depp

The second actor on our list is the pirate who earned $50 million. This heartbreaker with a golden voice can make money without showing his face.

3. Adam Sandler

Who would have thought that humor can pay off? He earned 40 million in the past year. His movies might not be loved by critics, but the audience can’t get enough of them.

4. Will Smith

He put his career on hold in order to make an acting/singing career for his children. $36 million is not a bad number at all. He produced Karate Kid and gave the biggest role to his son Jaden. Now he is working on a remake where his daughter Willow will act. Who wouldn’t want to have a dad like that? As for Will Smith, his next appearance will be in Men in Black III, coming out in May 2012.

5. Tom Hanks

Even though his latest movie Larry Crowe earned just below $100 million, this lovable actor filled his bank account with the money from voicing Woody in Toy Story. So he earned around $35 million.