The Weirdest Bridge in The World – The Moses Bridge

If you ever want to see a unique bridge you must go to Netherlands and see this unique bridge from 17th century.De Rover fort was built in Halestern in province of Nurt Barabant in Netherlands. For a long time it was neglected, and slowly it fell into ruins. But, local authorities decided to renew it and turn it into attraction. Invested money revitalized the fort but it also brought something new, still unseen in the world. When the work on fort began, question about way to the fort emerged. There were few questions, among which the most important was the natural preservation. On the competition made by local authorities, best idea was that of a Netherlands-Belgium architectural bureau “RO&AD” deliberately called after Moses who, according to Bible, helped his people when he separated Red sea, making a way for them to run. Narrow but long tunnel, “Moses bridge” looks like a road through water, because it was built inside the mote that stretches around the fort. As you see, water surface is near the upper side of the bridge so people that use this bridge have comforting sensation of water vicinity. Bridge was made out of special wood Accoya, that was treated to be water resistant. I think that  architectural enterprise of “RO&AD” was a complete success – unusual bridge, eco friendly and with water within the reach of your arm.