The most disgusting cheese in the world

Kasu Marci – a special type of cheese produced in Sardinia, which contains the larvae of flies …

Translated from the Sardinian Casu Marzu means “rotten cheese”, but in colloquial speech and the expression “wormy cheese. Kasu Marci survive longer than the usual stage of fermentation, thereby bringing to a state of decay, caused by the digestive action of the larvae of the cheese fly.

Worms accelerate the process of decomposition and decay contained in the cheese fats, because of what the product becomes soft. In free sale this cheese does not find even in Italy, because it is an exquisite delicacy, infestations of insects, can shock even gourmet. Moreover, the larvae move fairly briskly in a cheese head and feel there is absolutely “at ease”. Sometimes they can jump a distance of 15 centimeters, so during meals is recommended to protect eyes.

But on the Italian island of Sardinia locals make this cheese, basically – sheep. He exhibited at the sun and stick cheese flies that leave it their larvae. Cheese produced a soft, creamy – and very fragrant, of course. Called dish casu marzu (In Sardinian language) or formaggio marcio (in Italian), that is rotten cheese.

This “Kazoo Marci” eat, or removing mature larvae, either directly with them. For the Council to close the eyes, because these larvae have a high spring ability (up to 15 centimeters). Eat this delicacy is recommended along with Sardinian bread and strong red wine. Also do not forget about possible allergies, toxicity and contamination of his body as the same larvae. Become the most “rotten cheese” somehow does not feel like it. (The process of cooking and eating this cheese can be seen in a video in the comments).

Incidentally, very expensive cheese . And the European Union has managed to circumvent some of the prohibitions, making this cheese in the list of traditional products, recipes are more than a thousand years.

Milder version of the psyche of this product is in the opposite part of Italy. In prialpiyskom Piemonte cheese also exposed to the sun, the flies lay their eggs, but the cheese immediately add white wine, grapes and honey, as a result of the larvae do not have time, but the cheese is also considered expensive delicacy.

Nevertheless, farmers Sardinia, Piedmont and Bergamo in northern Italy on the big secret can perform exotic order for fearless “Eater of the larvae.

Italian cheese Kasu Marci cooked in a special recipe. Then it is placed in a special room, and when it begins to begin to rot in acheese fly larvae start.

French cheese Mimolette done in the vicinity of Lille (as well as in Belgium). It was first established by order of Louis XIV. In France it is called boule de Lille In Belgium and the Netherlands – vieux Hollande . On the surface of cheese from cow’s milk selyat little mites and worms-nematodes.

And the cheese is made in Germany by a similar procedure, its name milbenk