The Most Beautiful Trails

Thousands of trails, roads and paths extend to the earth, but few of them are unique. Today you are lucky enough to take a virtual tour of these unique itineraries.

All of these tracks, presented in the compilation – the creation of nature or human hands.
Our journey will begin with a fantastic garden with a tunnel Kawachi Fuji Wisteria. Wisteria – Japanese flowering vine. Admire this amazing spectacle can be starting in April. All sorts of colors – from light pink to purple, yellow and red – creating a truly fantastic picture. The length of the tunnel 80 meters, he just started to grow into a vine, a couple of years he does will please the eyes of tourists.

Next on our list is an object, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1979 – Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes, which are a cascade of 16 lakes and waterfalls. The park has built two tourist routes: a 9-mile route of Plitvice and crust Uvala length of 21 kilometers.

The route is marked trail signs, local guides give tours on a regular basis, talking about the wealth of flora and fauna.

Further, your attention is the bamboo trail Sagan, located in the bamboo forest Sagan Arashiyama in Kyoto prefecture. The trail leads us through the woods, fences along the tracks are made of bamboo stalks.

Bamboo Trail and the like pedestrians and cyclists. In light wind in the bamboo forest sozdaetmya charming atmosphere.

For many people in Ukraine will be a surprise to learn that one of the most beautiful in the world of tunnels located near the Ukrainian city of Klevan. The tunnel is called the tunnel of love. In fact, it tracks along which the trees are planted. During the warmer seasons, the trees form a green tunnel of a length of almost one kilometer.

The track, dubbed the stairs to heaven, is the name Haik and the ladder is located in Hawaii. The route consists of 3922 steps and leads to a height of 850 meters in the valley of Haiku. People who fear heights, do not belong here: the rise is so steep that he went up to a new step impression that soar in the sky.

In 1715 the island of Santorini was constructed trail, carved into the monolith of the coastal cliffs and served as the descent to the sea. In 1979, the cableway was built here, but the old trail continues to attract the romantics.

And not to mention in this list, the Great Wall, which stretches for 6.7 miles. The route was built during the Ming Dynasty, but about 30% of the wall at the moment was gone. The most visited section of the wall is located near Beijing.

Completes our selection of beech avenue in Northern Ireland, called the Dark deadlock. There are more than 100 30-year-old beech trees, planted along the road.