The Future is Near: Ferrari F750 Concept

Behold the future of Racing! The new Ferrari F750 concept will be the answer of future racing. According to an estimate, by the end of 2025, the world will be facing some serious shortage of fuel, which would effect its availability and price. This calls for smarter consumer products, smarter industry and smarter cars.

But Ferrari has already planned a greener and healthier future for us. Ferrari can’t let its racing spirits die. The F750 version will be loaded with 3 engines. One at the rear will be working via fuel and two at the front will work via electricity. This shows the future of e-driving. The future machine will weigh 750kg, the electricity will offers immediate torque which will act as a boost for the car. The interior of the car will be highly customizable. The hot swap cocoon cockpit will allow users to exchange their interiors as desired. So, sit back and scroll through the future of racing