Technically Advanced Adult toys that will up the Ante

The sex toy industry is just like any other industry in the world – it has to keep up with the times, as they say.  In the olden days an adult novelty toy was seen as a primitive kind of gadget which women would employ if they did not have a lover (uhm, husband), but these days we all know this is certainly not true anymore.  Adult toy companies realized that they had to move with the times and began to design some insanely elaborate technologically advanced adult gadgets.

In this article we’ll take a look at the most technologically advanced sex toys on the market at the moment.  This includes a list of toys that are able to connect via the internet, make exact clone of your personal bits and even pulsate to the beat of a song pulsating out of your favorite mp3 player.

The OhMiBod is one such toy that we believe represents the future of novelty toys.  If you like music and you like vibration (and who doesn’t?) then this is the toy for you.  With this toy you can now combine your iPod with your sex toy for the most perfectly pulsating pleasuring experience. This clever vibrating toy will literally throb to the beat of your favorite songs and with the turn of the volume button on your iPod you can actually increase the intensity of the vibrations.   Needless to say that your favorite songs to get down to will take on a whole new dimension with the help of this toy.

Next up we have the VIVI, considered the most advanced portable device on the market today.  It has taken virtual sex (Cybersex) to another dimension with its ability to actually connect via the internet.  This toy will definitely come in very handy with couple are living apart, as it can actually connect via your own internet connection by plugging in a USB card which links up with the VIVI.  As an added bonus the toy also comes with remote control and just like the OhMiBod it can synchronize itself with any mp3 device and pulsate to the beat of any song you choose.

The Vibease is another high-tech sex gadget which amazes us with its ingenuity.  With the help of an app on your smart phone you can now control the Vibease through your mobile.   This is definitely an awesome couple’s toy for you and your partner to try out if things get a bit boring in the bedroom.  The Vibease Intimate app allows your lover to send us custom vibrations via his smart phone from anywhere in the whole world.  The lady can wear the Vibease all day long, while her partner can control it from wherever he wants to (the mind boggles at the endless possibilities opened up in this scenario!)

We don’t see the Clone your Willy as an advanced gadget but it sure is innovative and interesting. With this toy you have now the ability to actually make a replica of your own penis (or that of our lover).  The toy is basically an easy to use moulding kit which men can use to make an exact replica of their own anatomy.  Newer versions of this toy come with glow in the dark rubber mould and even a small bullet vibrator which you insert if you want into the toy while it is setting.

In conclusion we believe by merging and embracing sex with technology it will lead to next evolution of sexual happiness.   The digital age is upon us – might as well make the most of it.