Street Illusions

Check out this chalk drawing illusion of a Sony Vaio Laptop computer. Looks like the top part of the screen is just jumping off the sidewalk! All of these pictures were done by Julian Beever, so be sure to visit his website regullary for more of his wonderfull work!

It’s hard to believe there is no water on the sidewalk below! The hose, drain, puddle… everything is painted on the sidewalk by Julian!

Is that guy spraying chalk fixative onto that fly… or is it another Chalk Drawing Illusion? That’s pretty incredible, but I think you’ll find that some of the other artists captured the optical illusion even more realistic!

This could certainly be the best self portrait I have ever seen.Imagine how long it took the artist to figure out exactly how to do this in perspective. It would surely have been great to see this art exibit in person!

This is an amazing optical illusion picture of a woman swimming in the pool, sipping her coke. Check out the artist as he is just about to jump right into the painting! Yet another Magic Trick

Although the seal doesn’t look incredibly realistic, it sure looks like it is popping up out of the water handing the artist a fresh cola after days of hard work.

How would you like to be walking down the sidewalk and then suddenly fall into a hole like these guys? Take a little closer look at who has fallen into the hole. It’s tough to tell but it looks like George W. Bush and John Major, the former British Prime Minister have fallen into the hole…. and is that Tony Blair looking into the camera? Regardless, this sidewalk optical illusion is just downright incredible!