Progeria – Early Aging Disorder

Progeria is an extremely rare early-aging disorder.  It is an extremely rare, progressive, and terminal childhood disorder characterized by premature and rapid aging.  It is an extremely rare genetic disease of childhood characterized by dramatic, premature aging.  It is a devastating disease that quickly destroys childhood fantasies of everlasting youth.  Progeria is a very rare disease that causes the body to age 8 times faster than normal.

Progeria is a progressive genetic disorder that causes children to age rapidly, beginning in their first two years of life.  It is   a rare, fatal condition, affecting children and causing them to have features that resemble premature aging.  It is usually detected in infancy or early childhood when a baby first shows the characteristic signs of premature aging.  It is caused by progerin which is a protein which is also linked to normal aging.  Progeria is an extremely rare disease, with fewer than 50 cases known worldwide.

Progeria is a disease that affects the very young.  It is a devastating disease because it is always fatal to its victims.  It is disease that was almost unknown for a decade ago.  It is a disease that tends to get worse as the child gets older.  Progeria is a fatal genetic disorder that is incurable.

Progeria is a very unfortunate disorder that affects 1 in every 4 million people.  It is a case of a young mind trapped in an old body.  It is associated with a short lifespan.  It is best diagnosed by using both clinical examination and genetic testing.  Progeria cannot be diagnosed by any means at the present moment.

Progeria is anchored to the nuclear rim and forms a abnormally shaped nucleus.  It is reported in one in every four to eight million births.  It was first described in the nineteenth century.

This unfortunate fella is only 24 years old. He is suffering from  Progeria.  Leon Botha is very lucky (if I can tell that concerning his condition) to be 24 years old. No one knows for how long will he live. We can only hope that he will live long enough.