Ortega: Benson’s mastermind set for summer 2014 release

Writer/Director Malcolm Benson’s mastermind ‘Ortega and His Enemies’ is due for a Summer 2014 release with distributors reportedly ‘queuing up’ to snap up the Drama/Romance feature film set in London.

Above: Running a tight ship, Benson spearheads a take on set for Ortega and His Enemies. Picture by Benalex Media (2TROM)

An anger management patient John gets his world torn apart when he cannot manage his fiancé’s adversaries. He is determined to prove himself to be the right man to marry Sara but the pressure from other candidates who had unhealthy interest in Sara takes its toll. With deceit, brutality and police chase, John soon realises, he cannot marry Sara and remain in the country to face what was coming to him.

The indie British flick has picked up interests in Africa as it features Nollywood superstars Uche Odoputa and Rita Nzelu, Odoputa plays the biological father to Sara (Adi Alfa) in Ortega and His Enemies. Other cast included British actors Gary Douglas, Darrell Las Quevas, Adi Alfa & Robert Scott.

Benson who’s critically acclaimed short film ‘Forget The Pact’ which is currently showing at festivals around the world is set to wow viewers with the build-up and twists embedded in Ortega and His Enemies.

Benson’s feature film directing debut was at ease with assistance from Shirley Dee in production and all things technical where under a tight ship as Director of Photography Kupa Warner was at the helm of the camera.

Ortega and His Enemies is set for DVD/VOD release in summer 2014 and plans are already underway for ‘Ortega 2’ a source told us.

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For further information on Ortega and His Enemies and to win tickets to the premiere check out – www.facebook.com/ortegaandhisenemies