Never Seen 911 WTC Pictures – Oddy Central | Weird And Shocking News

This 9-11 will mark the first passing decade since the World Trade Center tragedy of 2001. Ten years later pictures have surfaced that were never seen before. These pictures will hit you hard as you see people jumping to their death and clinging on to the side of the building while smoke bellows out over their heads. We all saw the videos of the planes crashing but we never saw pictures likes this. Even ten years later, this still hurts like hell.

A gaping hole is revealed on the other side of the north tower after the first plane struck.

The actual explosion of the south tower.

The subway beneath the WTC was damaged so badly that almost a mile of track needed to be repaired.

As the north tower shows damage from the first plane collision this picture caught the other plane shortly before it hits the south tower.

Brave firefighters combating the tragedy among the ash and rumble shortly after.

The ash and rumble was so great it cover an entire street, looks like something out of an apocalyptic movie.

Still picture of one of the towers as it collapsed.

A man chooses to die in a free fall rather than be burned and crushed to death.

A man leaps to his death from the top floors of one of the buildings.

A man leaps to his death to avoid the fire from the explosion.

People cling to the side of the WTC tower attempting to avoid giant clouds of smoke.