Mr Let’s Fly causes airport standstill

It was a modern day ‘George Bush comes to town’ on the last Monday of 2013 at Coventry Airport as Lets Fly author Matthew C Martino popped into the Midlands airport for a flight, as Martino and his security team brought everything to a standstill.

Whatttt ?! Who does he think he is, the last time we checked you aren’t Mr President.

Above: Martino stops for pictures before his flight, loves all eyes on him – Picture by Siena V-2TROM NEWS GROUP

Martino who has previously stated in interviews that he still ‘gets the train’ and ‘jumps on the bus’ was clearly out to cause mayhem as he enjoyed a day in Coventry which began with the AllStar producer at Coombe Abbey. The 21year old had breakfast at the 500acre estate before leaving for Coventry Airport.

A member at the Jet Centre located at the airport said ‘I thought it was a head of state or David Cameron as we were told to stay inside, Airport security where all on high alert’.

Above: Well one was clearly protected – Martino’s security detail will be no doubt escorting him back to Essex: Picture by Siena V-2TROM NEWS GROUP

Martino’s management told OddyCentral ‘We have received numerous threats addressed to our client and we have had to respond accordingly, We always aim to create a safe and relaxed atmosphere for Mr Martino’ a spokesperson said.

According to sources Martino often has a minder with him even when he uses public transport. However the 21year old could have a security bill as big as todays should his relationship status change, the single Pres Martino would fork out for The First Lady’s security as he commented in an interview with Young Celebrity News.

Martino was said to be flying out towards Derry, Northern Ireland in what he called ‘An hour of historic responsibility’ on his official twitter @M4tMartino 

The origin or nature of the threat is unknown and no further information on the heightened security was revealed.