Midget professional wrestling (gallery)

Little Bruiser and Billy the Kid, September 23, 1972

Photo collection of ’60s and ’70s professional wrestling includes some of the most popular little person wrestlers of this classic era.

Unknown wrestler getting flipped by Little Bruiser.

Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo and Billy the Kid

Little Bruiser vs Bobo Johnson in Chicago, September 1, 1972

Sky Low Low (outside ring) Little Beaver vs Mighty Atom in ring, May 5, 1967

Farmer Pete and Cowboy Lang in Milwaukee, February 3, 1972

Cowboy Bradley in Milwaukee, December 5, 1970

Farmer Pete in Milwaukee, December 3, 1972

Billy the Kid and Cowboy Bradley

Ref George Gadaski explains match rules to Little Beaver/Bobo Johnson vs Billy the Kid & Cowboy Bradley in Milwaukee, April 26, 1969

Little Bruiser in Chicago, September 1, 1972

Cowboy Bradley and Joey Russel, February 23, 1968

Jamaica Kid and Little Beaver in Milwaukee, April 25, 1969

Jack Cassidy, 1968

Lord Littlebrook in Milwaukee, July 7, 1968

Frenchy LaMonte in Tampa, 1970