Martino: I’d do anything for mom

20 year old Author & Film Producer Matthew Martino admitted ‘I love my mom and I’d do anything for her’. The Go For It author made the remark during his visit to Oxfordshire where he met young aspiring entrepreneurs some with their parents.

(Above: Martino leaves the proceedings at Eynsham Hall in Whitney, Oxfordshire)

The author’s comments came after he appeared on the Chrissy B Show on Friday 5th July to talk about his relationship with his mum.

‘I really want to thank Chris for the opportunity to talk to someone about me and my mum’s relationship , I’ve made a really big turn around since the show’ Martino said

Friday 5th July’s Chrissy B Show dubbed ‘Whats most precious’ was looking at how we don’t appreciate our parents and loved ones. Throughout the show Chris highlighted some of the key reasons behind the lack of appreciation. ‘They say you don’t value things until they’re gone. How true is this phrase?’. A Psychologist also appeared on the show to comment on common causes of lack of appreciation in general and offered some experience to the newest member of the mummy’s boy squad – Mr Martino.

The 20year old rushed to comment on his mum’s absence by claiming she had a ‘prior engagement and was on the other side of the country’.

Martino is expected to visit Whitney, Deddington, Oxford and Reading during his 2 day visit to Oxfordshire. The best-selling author wasn’t worried about being on the road as his management guaranteed maximum comfort in his roomy Mercedes. An insider told Reuters that Martino made dozens of divarish request including a helicopter and ‘full English breakfast on-board the Mercedes’.

(Above: Martino prepares to leave Whitney,Oxfordshire.)

Martino who is known for being humble & soft spoken refused to comment on the matter although earlier this year he flew to Manchester twice in one week and ranted ‘I have to be there sharpish, the film won’t wait for me’.

(Above: Martino’s plush Mercedes which was provided by his management leaves Eynsham Hall in Whitney after he gave a speech on ‘The pathway to entrepreneurship’.

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