Leave to Stay – Film with a meaning

Film directors often get scrutinised for the storylines and unrealistic plots but Awat Osman Ali has received a vast scale of praise after he announced the release of his feature film ‘Leave To Stay’ which is a film about immigration and covers terrorism as well.

I understood why when I watched it myself.

The film which premieres on the 19th of August is set to attract criticism and praise from viewers.

Above: Centre of attraction – Awat Osman Ali running a tight ship on set.

Synopsis London has a juxtaposition of cultures. People who live a million miles apart, in reality live next door to each other. Three Kurdish immigrants arrive in the UK, as illegal aliens to seek asylum.  Finding they now belong to London’s

underground. The men cross their broken lives with three woman who share the

reality of emotional breakdown. From being so culturally different, they both became the people that no one cared about. They find out that we all wear our

scares on the inside. That maybe we are not so different after all

A very explosive story and begins with calm proceedings which quickly turn sour. The use of Kurdistan & Persian in some of the film enriches and sophisticates it.

‘An immaculate display of Awat’s mastermind’ 

Rating: 4/5

Above: Scene from ‘Leave to Stay’ as emotions get high.

The film is being distributed by DM Productions which is spearheaded by Matthew C. Martino and is expected to be released on various DVD, VOD and mobile platforms. A spokesman from DM commented ‘We are greatly excited about the project and will be releasing more details soon’.

Visit www.facebook.com/LeaveToStay or tweet @M4tMartino to find out more about the film and win tickets to the premiere.