Iraqi militant commander admits they killed British hostage Alan McMenemy during an escape attempt

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NEW – Iraqi militant commander Qais Al-Khazali admits to the killing of a British hostage taken in 2007, but waits for the US withdrawal before his confession. He claims he’s ” sorry about that incident” and will return the body.

This Iraqi bastard deserves nothing less than a date with a predator drone. News and info below.

(BBC) – The Iraqi militia that kidnapped five Britons in 2007 has said it will hand over the body of
the last missing man, who it said was “killed in a clash”. UK authorities had suspected Alan McMenemy, from Glasgow, was dead.

The bodies of fellow security guards Jason Creswell, 39, of Glasgow, Jason Swindlehurst, 38, of Lancashire, and Alec MacLachlan, 30, of Carmarthenshire, were released in 2009. IT consultant Peter Moore, of Lincoln, was also captured but released alive.

The UK Foreign Office said it was aware of the offer to release the body of Mr McMenemy, who was 34 when he was taken captive. (click link for further info)