Interesting food in Thailand!

What do eat scientist from the West who study insects when they are in Thailand? They eat insect of course, their research work is on test.

Are you ready to taste a big water bug? Or maybe eat couple of juicy caterpillars, or even snack some crunchy grasshoppers with lots of spices?
You shouldn’t make the judge of food until you try- it is the phrase you will hear a lot if you go to Thailand, since these kind of specialties are not unusual in their restaurants. Any way what would be the difference in eating ham or roast beef or some other food with this. When we are eating that food we see no pigs or cows or lambs or something different in front of our eyes, we just enjoy the taste, so why would things be more different with this? If the father of the evolution was a great gastronome, why would we make such a big fuss?

Professor Bill Waite, entomologic, from the University in Louisiana, not so long time ago said that insects are not such a bad food. This professor spent some time on Thailand and enjoyed the tastes of Thailand food. He had opportunity to taste grasshoppers, moths, and other butterflies, water bugs, even scorpions, fried, paned, or even raw, but with lots of dressings. Insects open up your appetite.

Professors’ colleagues were also trying this food, which was quite a challenge to all of them. Most of them for the first time had tried fried rise with the season bugs. To be honest there are more of them who didn’t wanted to try nothing but fried rise! But the ones who were brave enough to give it a try found a surprise: Those bugs open up your appetite. French scientist just couldn’t keep himself from the food; he ate like it was his last meal. That was a surprise to all of them since he is coming from the country where preparing the food is an art! After couple of weeks the scientist got to conclusion that the moths are the tastiest ones. All this people from the west do agree in one thing: fried, cooked, paned or raw insects taste like Nuts, pistachio, hazels…and they don’t even remind of meat.

One of the best known specialties is the big water bug (not longer than 7-8 cm) and it is being prepared as shells are. Before it is being eaten, the content from inside the shell and the legs should be removed. I know that lots of you feel nausea just by thinking of this, but come on you guys this is not such a big deal, what about when you are eating crabs, braking lobsters tale or even sucking cancers brain? You don’t find this strange? Do you?

It is well known that the insects are good source of proteins. Smoked grasshopper has 75% of proteins, 28% fat and some important vitamins. They could be prepared in many ways. They even make some kind of a sauce which is being poured over the pasta. Never the less, you should know that the termites have higher percentage of fat. On the 100 anniversary of entomology in New York 1992, for diner was being served only food made out of insects. On the plate could even be found some tarantulas, but they were there as a decoration. The desert was out of chocolate but with a special bug filling. The biggest number of insects (alive) ate an Englishman, Ken Edwards 2001-36 bugs from Madagascar in one minute.