“Insects Eggs” made by Chickens

Recently, a citizen, surnamed Bai, from Qingdao, Shandong was shocked to find there was a red liquid in the egg white when she cracked open one of the special eggs she bought from a supermarket. However, the staff from the egg producer explained it was because the hen was on the rag! Ms. Bai said, “The salesperson in the supermarket introduced these eggs to her, telling that they were called “Insect Eggs” as the chickens were fed with insects. The price of such eggs are more expensive than normal ones. I bought 15 eggs, but we dare not eat them now.” But staff members of the supermarket told reporters, “It is natural that the albumen of these eggs appears red in color. Or, they wouldn’t be labelled ‘Insect Eggs’, if they are the same as the normal eggs.”

Reporters later reached the egg producer. The person in charge claimed, “the hen had her period.” Responding to the incident, a researcher from China’s Agricultural University explained, the red color spotted in the egg white possibly had the following two reasons: 1, the bacterial parasite that lived in the large intestine of the hen caused inflammation to its fallopian tube; 2, the banned feed was used. The researcher also said that the hens cannot menstruate, and regarding the so-called “Insect Eggs”, it is not practical to feed the chickens all with insects. The producer might just add some insect ingredient to their feedstuff. The researcher warned residents not to eat such eggs when the bloody egg white is found.