He`s aging , but He`s only 12-years-old

In 12-year-old girl named Ontlametse Falaste there are only a couple of years of life. “I call myself the first lady, because I was the first black child with the disease. Do you know more of a dark-skinned child with such a disease? “- Said the girl. Ontlametse, the only black child with a diagnosis of the syndrome Hutchinson-Gilford, a rare and fatal disease, accelerating the aging process. In the entire history of mankind only two black children suffer from this disease, they both died, one in the U.S. and one in the Netherlands.

Experts believe that at the same time in the world from 200 to 250 children suffering from this disease. Children with the disease die from heart failure at the age of 8 to 21 years, suffering from high blood pressure, stroke, angina and heart failure.