Haw Par Villa

Located in Singapore, the Haw Par Villa is a theme park based around folklores from Chinese literature. The villa, the oldest on the list, was built in 1937 and was first known as Tiger Balm Gardens and was eventually renamed in 1985 when it was sold to new owners. While once considered an amusement park, Haw Par was revamped and the well-known dragon rollercoaster was removed. Because the park is centered on Chinese folklore, you will find many statues, 1000 to be exact, dedicated to certain stories, many of them relating to Confuscianism. At the park there are also about 150 dioramas that depict several different scenes. While the park seems to have nothing bizarre about it, once you get a look at some of the statues, you definitely understand. You’ll find dioramas entitled “Filthy Blood Pond” as well as a scene of blue demons dismembering a chained prisoner. You’ll also find the “Ten Courts of Hell” which depict grotesque sights of the many punishments for sinners.