Haroshi Transform Old Skatedecks Into Amazing Works of Art

A 33 year old Japanese artist Haroshi was very much fond of skateboarding when he was young, but as he grew up, he repurpose old skatedecks into stunning works of art. With his hobbies, he decided to merge together and now he had created a unique art objects from is outdated skateboard. His sculptors that feature clear Nike footwear and a colorful limb are displayed at Jonathan LeVine Gallery.

Haroshi current profession resulted from a youth skateboarding passion.
His unique sculptures are made out of wood from skateboards.

Haroshi receive a special texture in the form of pixels, mosaics and other designs by Compressing and processing the old deck.

Depending on the object, old boards are converted into an analogue of glazes, tiled, or in Murano glass, in fact, the texture of a Haroshi is unique.

Haroshi makes a unique extruded deck works of art, according to the desired pattern, which is the most familiar to the younger generation, but their uniqueness conquer even the seasoned connoisseurs.

In the center of each of his work the artist puts a piece of the soul one of the boards the metal part of the suspension of the skateboard.