Great grandma gets F-cup breast implants

A WELSH great-grandmother is dating men as young as 24 after boosting her bra size from A to F – at the age of 65.

Joan Lloyd, from Abergele in North Wales, went under the knife after motherhood and age took their toll on her breasts, the North Wales Daily Post reported.

The former model had been unhappy with her shape for years, but when her husband David fell ill with various illnesses, looking after him became her priority for 15 years until his death last year.

After her husband of 49 years passed away, Ms Lloyd decided to spend £4250 ($US6797) of her savings on the operation to take her breasts up to the size they were before she had children.

The grandmother-of-13 said, “Now I feel so much more confident about myself. I feel my boob job has actually given me a new lease of life”.

She said, “Older people don’t have to sit back and live like an old spinster any more. I have had a few dates, with men from 24 to 50. Some don’t even know how old I am”.