Girl With The Thinnest Waist

This 24 year old British Girl has the world’s thinnest waist, measuring only 15.7 inches around. Nerina Orton has trained her body into this shape by wearing a corset for 23 hours per day.

The 24-year-old is less than an inch away from breaking the world record of 15 inches held by American Cathie Jung.

Nerina, from Birmingham, even sleeps in her corset and takes it off only to shower.

The part time burlesque dancer, who started wearing a corset at age 14, is training her waist to squeeze into one measuring 14 inches.

Nerina, who owns an incredible 78 corsets valued at £15,000, said: ‘I may never be able to fit into a 14 inch corset but I love wearing them and I would never be without one.