Giant Head

This story is in the ballpark of a youthful man, Sain Mumtaz, from Pakistan which had stunned the entire planet. Sain is a bum and his existence has never been simple. This 18 years of age man has the most exceptional head. To him, when he was a kid, was let that know he has the Proteus Syndrome. Proteus syndrome, otherwise called Wiedemann’s syndrome (named after the German pediatrician Hans-Rudolf Wiedemann), is an intrinsic issue that reasons skin abundance and atypical bone improvement, regularly joined by tumors over half the form. As of now there is in the vicinity of 120 individuals who have some manifestation of this syndrome. Proteus syndrome is an accelerating condition wherein kids are ordinarily conceived without any evident deformations. Tumors and skin and bone developments show up as they age. His presence on the “My stunning story” on the Discovery Chanel truly had impact and a specialist from Sydney, Australia Edwin Kirk offered his assistance with: x-beams; blood tests; and hereditary tests,so he could get a fitting, a diagnose for his condition. Living with a condition like this I am certain it is not simple, particularly since his head continues developing and it is each year harder for him to convey that weight. Will this man trust that this enchanting specialists from Australia will do the marvel? Sain has dependably accepted that his condition is a condemnation from the God and that there is nothing to be carried out, yet to pull his fair share and trust that he won’t have to numerous days on earth. Will there be a sparkle of light in his planet? This story makes us feel so minor and vulnerable. Large portions of our issues that we grumble about in life are to a great degree trifling in examination to what this man needs to experience just by being vivified.