Germany as a holiday destination

Germany is not simply bratwurst and beer, but has a lot to offer for people coming from all around the world. Depending on the area, the country in the middle of Europe is full of beautiful landscapes, interesting architecture, historically important places, cultures and mentalities. For many people, the capital, which is also the largest city in the country, is very attractive as there are indeed great things to do in Berlin at no matter if east or west.

Berlin: history and haute couture

Berlin is not only the capital of the country; it is also the centre of art and creative work. Most prominently, the wall stands as a reminder of the separation of Germany into east and west, and represents the classic fusion of history and art through its large referential paintings and sprayings. Moreover, the centre of the city offers many places to visit for young and old. There is the vibrant Alexanderplatz with its large shopping malls and street artistry in every corner, there is the Berlin Cathedral as part of the Museum Island, and there are numerous established and alternative theatres awaiting your visit. The list of sights to be seen is endless. Furthermore, the Ku’damm in the western and the Friedrichstrasse in the eastern part of the city are the places to visit for extensive shopping tours and luxury dinners.

Outside the city

Of course, Berlin is not Germany. The Baltic Sea for summer holidays, the Eifel for walking tours or the south of the country for an experience of stereotypical German, but actually Bavarian, culture are great destinations for a longer trip. For a unique guesthouse experience, it is definitely exciting to visit the V8 hotel in Stuttgart; which lets its visitors live their childhood dreams.
Visitors, who are able to see at least two different places of the country, will realize that Germany has more to offer .