E-man’s Angels Marketing & Promotions NBC Journalist Media Coverage

In 2005, E-man’s Angels Marketing & Promotions was founded by an Atlanta, Georgia native who has been successful in numerous promotional events & marketing projects worldwide. These events that were developed from impromptu ideas impacted the entertainment industry and surprised its first group of clientele by selling over 1,000+ tickets, outselling the original promoter hosting the event in less than 1 week.

The company has lived up to its reputation drawing big-name artists and celebrities in a wide range of music genres and attracting “Hollywood” lovers from all fifty states and over ten international countries. Since its inception, E-man’s Angels Marketing & Promotions has drawn strong praise from celebrities and business moguls worldwide. They’ve recently launched a new marketing program to promote businesses, music artists, actors, services, and public figures instantaneously to millions of people worldwide. The large amount of clientele that has recently experienced this new ‘auto promo’ strategy has had nothing but good reviews to add to their resume. E-man’s Angels Marketing & Promotions has also offered a wide range of web design and consultation to its clientele free of charge in an effort to help upcoming businesses who may lack knowledge or struggle with ways to produce more sales. Moving forward in 2013, E-man’s Angels Marketing & Promotions continues to raise the bar not only with stellar marketing strategies that discard the notation of music genre in favor of groundbreaking & spectacular musicians, but by also reaching out to comedians, models, photographers, actors, small businesses, and actresses. In addition, E-man’s Angels Marketing & Promotions is a leader in social responsibility, not just from a promotional standpoint but also a community investment.

Those employed with the company understand to stay competitive in this industry one must not only maintain their core audience but also continue to stay ahead of what the potential audience is looking for in a social and business aspect. Investing in this company carries such low risk due to the surprisingly small amount of expenses put out annually. E-man’s Angels Marketing & Promotions has also been awarded the Venture Worthy Gold Award which is a high rating accomplishment that many angel investors look at before considering handing over any form of payment. Already, several investors have offered the company six figure promotional deals that surpassed the expectations of the founder himself. Keep in mind that “The Angels” have yet to pay for any mainstream advertising, so to create such a buzz by word of mouth alone is an amazing accomplishment! Be sure to interact with “The Angels” on their social networks & at upcoming events coming to your city.