Disgusting Chinese Delicacies, Eggs Boiled in Urine

With the arrival of spring, the Chinese town of Dounia in Zhejiang Province envelops a strange but familiar to every local resident – the smell of urine.

They prepare a popular local delicacy – Tuntszydan, which means “egg boy.”

But as local gourmets claim, the eggs turn out very tasty and go with trays like hotcakes at a price of six yuan per share.
To prepare the delicacy Tuntszydan, schools collect the urine of boys up to ten years, exposing this special capacity.

During the day, all the urine is poured into a large capacity, and is used to prepare the delicacy. This practice is prevalent in all schools in the city.

The seller pours a vat of urine into the pot with the eggs for cooking.”Eggs cooked in the urine, very fragrant,” – says 51-year-old Ge Yaohua, one of the most popular sellers of the Dunyane eggs. “These eggs are very good for health, Our family eats them every day.In Dunyane every family likes to eat them “- he said. (Reuters / Aly Song)

Preparation of eggs takes all day, First, they need to soak, then boil the eggs in the urine. After some time, the shell of the hard-boiled eggs begin to pop.