Cute Newborn Baby Wombats – Oddy Central

Wombats are Australian marsupials. They are short-legged, muscular quadrupeds, approximately 1 meter (39 in) in length with a very short tail. They are found in forested, mountainous, and heathland areas of south-eastern Australia and Tasmania. The name wombat comes from the Eora Aboriginal community who were the original inhabitants of the Sydney area.

People who are wombat lovers or not think that wombats are such cute creatures. But people, who are not well aware of how a wombat looks like when it’s just newly born, assume that they’re very cute since they came out to the world.

Female wombats give birth to a baby wombat after a gestation period usually around spring time. A female wombat’s gestation period also varies depending on which kind of wombat specie it is.  But usually the gestation period is around or approximately 20-22 days. Newborn and baby wombats are referred to as a joey. A newborn wombat does not have the senses of sight, smell and hearing. They are only bean sized and only weigh a gram. Yes, they’re only literally bean sized. A newborn wombat stays inside the backwards facing pouch of the mother wombat for a couple of months. For some wombat specie, a newborn wombat stays in the pouch for 6-7 months, for other wombat species it’s for 9-11 months and for other it’s for 6-10 months.