Creative Hilarious But Sad Homeless Signs – Oddy Central | Weird And Socking News

Who said that homeless people can’t be creative? Many think that being homeless means being uneducated and dumb, but that is not the case. Some homeless people even have a college diploma and ale well-spoken. In some instances they have decided to live in such a way, but in other cases the misfortunes of life are the main reason for this kind of lifestyle. I’m not even sure that that lifestyle is the appropriate word for the way they live, like stranded dogs in search of food and shelter on daily basis. But living under the blue sky may bring you inspiration, the signs these homeless people have written are the proof of that. Maybe you will give them a buck or two after smiling to the words you’ve read or maybe you’ll see a new potential poet or a comedian among these underprivileged people. Be that as it may, some of these signs will certainly draw your attention when you pass them on the street.