Crazy Noisy Jelly, A Musical Jelly Game for Kids (Video) – Oddy Central

Jell-o is the musical jelly about which you would be surprised to know. Its not any magic but in reality its just a simple science which has been utilized in a great way to amuse. Jell-o is one of the coolest device we saw around in past days. You make jelly and you swipe fingers over it to produce different sounds. So how is it possible, we explain it how!

Noisy Jelly is a design concept by French design students Raphaël Pluvinage and Marianne Cauvard.

Each type of jelly is made with the components that came in the jelly box. Each component has a particular charge which produces particular frequency, so after moulding when it gets some physical touch, it gives a sounds in noisy form. So when you touch the jelly it produces the frequency which is captured by the sensors and the sensors manipulates it in a sound. It looks a lot of fun with a simple use of science. Watch the video and tell us how do you like this creative idea.

© Photo Véronique Huyghe