Controversial And Shocking Religious Ads – Oddy Central

Religion is the thing which makes people do crazy stuff but also a thing which makes wonderful things. Many people in order to present something in religious way, or some in order to make fun of religion are pushing it to far. I don’t find it funny, playing with someone’s beliefs. Everyone must have right to chose of being a believer or not. I think that people who chose religion are feeling better of themselves. So many times through history we have seen that religion has been used for personal and selfish goals. Not believing is not an easy way out as it may look to many people, I find them very lost. Not as if I am saying that religion is the only way out, but it is easier when you have something to hold on to. A solid ground to land, for everything you can’t explain. That doesn’t have to be a religious way, maybe you can find it in yourself or somewhere else. These ads you are about to see are pretty shocking and you can guess that reaction from religious leaders was not lacking here.