Biomorphic House by Pavie Architects

Here is another new futuristic free-shaped structure by Architect Ephraim-Henry Pavie, Biomorphic House. Hand made green house, soft and sensitive biomorphic architecture for a magical environment. The Biomorphic House is facing the Mediterranean Sea from its 1000-meters high, the panoramic bay windows have been shaped like amazing sunglasses overlooking the sea.

The Nurbs-like glazing surfaces provide ideal support for mounting the brand new kinds of transparent Photovoltaic-cells. The electricity produced by such an area of PV-Cells units is to be converted in Hydrogen (through a self powered water electrolyze process) and compressed into containers for a later use. This zero-emission pilot-project includes the development of a Hydrogen powered PEM-Fuel-Cell generator, providing electricity while the only “emissions” are reusable heat and pure water.

Designer : Pavie Architects

The curvaceous and organic skin of Biormorphic house developed Pavie-Architecture Company plays with aerodynamic shapes which deal in an elegant way with the strong winter storms. The interior design is the natural extension of the inside of the skin. The all concept looks like a magical world where you escape the limits between floors, free shaped walls and ceilings, it’s going to feel as if you are relaxing in a large peaceful luxurious yacht or space ship anchored over a magical landscape. Pavie says that this eco-house is a world class design featuring futuristic beauty, passion and performance.