Awesome Komondor Dog

Komondor is a powerful, large bodied dog.  It is a very brave dog, and for this reason they make excellent guard dogs.  It was specifically bred to be an extremely independent dog and makes decisions on its own very well.  It is bred to be an independent protector of livestock, not a herder.  Komondor will require bathing and it should be noted that this bathing can be a laborious process.

Komondor has a life span of ten to twelve years.  It has been known in Hungary as a flock-guarding dog for a thousand years.  It has many good qualities, but he is not the easiest dog to live with.  It has a dense, protective coat that starts to fall into cordlike curls when the dog is a puppy.  Komondor is not a dog for the mild at heart.

Komondor is not an ideal dog for someone who may be a pushover when it comes to their pets.  It is very territorial and it will protect the owner and the owner’s property without hesitation.  It is among the most attractive dogs in the show ring, but only the finest are on display.  It is known for his unusual mop-like coat consisting of strong, heavy cords that feel like felt.  Komondor is descended from the large, long-legged Russian Owtcharka, which were brought to Hungary by the Huns.